Annex Hotel Sarotla, Brand

Business- and office buildings

Building category

Timber construction, Solid construction

Construction method

Planning of structural framework, Tender offer

Performed services



August 2017

Processing time from

August 2018

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Sascha Grujic

Substitute project manager

Alexander Grujic, Magalie Berchtel

Project team member

Hotel Sarotla GmbH


8.915,70 m³

Building volume

2.600,00 m²

Gross floor area

Description of project

The annex at the hotel Sarotla in Brand (A) consists mainly of two structures and a suitable connecting building at the existing part.

In the northern, 5-story construction component are located: an underground parking, a new reception, a lobby, a seminar room as well as 27 new rooms and a penthouse flat. Due to the hillside situation an underground parking (first basement floor) and a plant room (second basement floor) were built on the west side as solid constructions. A solid ceiling stretches over the seminar room on the ground floor. At the top of it the hotel room modules are situated on the first floor and on the second floor the penthouse flat is built as a cross laminated timber construction. On the east side four prefabricated hotel room modules made of cross laminated timber are stockpiled. The required fire protection posed a special challenge in the up to five floors high timber construction. The room structure had to be interrupted in the lobby area. Therefore, it was necessary to provide the room modules with load bearing shear walls, so the systematically arranged supply and disposal lines were not touched.

The annex on the south-eastern side contains the 2-story spa area with indoor swimming pool on the upper level and the spa (including plant rooms) on the lower floor. The roof is used as a terrace for the dining room.

Description of tasks

  • Static supervision of the solid construction from draft to effectuation
  • Static supervision of the roof truss from draft to effectuation
  • Examination of the existing buildings underneath the heightening and static support during the heightening
  • Static supervision of the structural alteration works
  • Elaboration of tender offer for earth works (temporary pit support system for two basement floors, underpinning of existing parts) and building works

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Photos: Sarotla GmbH