Consolidation check dam Glongtobel

Protective structures, Underground- and hydraulic structures

Building category

Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework

Performed services



November 2016

Processing time from

January 2018

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Sascha Grujic

Substitute project manager

Magalie Berchtel

Project team member

Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung Gebietsbauleitung Bludenz


40,60 m

Length of crown dam

12,80 m


Description of project

The building was realized as flat slab deck dam with airside pillars. The pillars guarantee the tilting resistance. The slide stability is provided by the horizontal bedding in the downstream terrain, which is secured with river construction stones.

Description of tasks

  • Statically dimensioning of the dam
  • Detailed planning of the dam
  • Reinforcement and formwork plans

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