Housing estate Jagdbergstraße, Schnifis

Residental buildings

Building category

Solid construction

Construction method

Planning of structural framework

Performed services



August 2017

Processing time from

December 2018

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Sascha Grujic

Substitute project manager

Magalie Berchtel

Project team member

Wohnbauselbsthilfe Vbg. gemeinn. geg. GenmbH, Bregenz


7.597,50 m³

Building volume

780,00 m²

Gross floor area

Description of project

The housing estate consists of a two-storey house (24 m/11.80 m) with six flats, one of them on the same level as the underground car park, and a three-storey house (25.30 m/11.80 m) with nine flats. The houses are situated on a shared underground car park with a length of approx. 67 m and a width of approx. 16.70 m.

A surface foundation was carried out on a base plate with coves. On the south-west corner it was necessary to build 14 lean concrete pillars due to the hillside location. The underground car park was built by applying the reinforced-concrete method. The houses are constructed with reinforced concrete ceilings and reinforced concrete walls as flat partitions and with reinforced concrete stilts along the external facade. The facade consists of non-load-bearing wooden wallboards. The pitched roofs are built as purlin roofs and transfer the load into the top storey ceiling.

A special challenged turned out to be the development of a working, economic load transfer between the houses and the underground car park storey with their highly different structures.

Description of tasks

  • Static support of the solid construction from draft to realisation

  • Static support of the roof truss from draft to realisation

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