renovation - monument preservation

conversion / renovation

A main focus of current construction tasks lies on renovations. Many buildings require a renovation but are substantially in good condition. Some need a renovation of the inventory and the additional construction of a new building or extension. Therefore we work closely together with architects, building owners and companies carrying out the renovation in order to find elegant, slimline solutions that are beneficial to the overall building.

historical buildings

Renovating and preserving buildings, which are under a preservation order, often means a particular challenge for construction engineers. For this task, striving to preserve the structure alone is not enough. Specific knowledge is required to recognise historical singularities and intuition is needed to reveal the character of a building in order to put it in perspective cautiously. This way it does not lose its historical value and it fulfils new requirements.

For these tasks, we are integrated in a network of architects and historians in order to achieve the best results.

public works of art

Public works of art are exposed to the forces of nature, particularly wind and weathering, like all other buildings. Art in public spaces shapes the image of public buildings, communities and cities impressively. The care and maintenance of these objects rest with the local authorities. Our field of activity is the regular monitoring of their safety and stability.