planning of structural framework

Structural analysis ≠ Structural analysis

Structural analysis is much more than the mere calculation of mathematical formulas for the determination of structural safety. To us it is a creative process, which enables us to observe the free play of forces, detect filigree systems to meet with the demands of aesthetics and cope with efficiency.

Especially for extraordinary buildings the specialist planner’s competence in solving a problem is vital for the success of a project. For a successful realisation of major projects competences are required, which comprise all levels and interests, understand them and connect them reasonably – be it in technical, aesthetical, economic or interpersonal respect.

This way of thinking opens up our mind for the essential. With our interdisciplinary approach we are able to create intelligent, creative and efficient solutions, which convince and inspire.

solid building

Solid building contains all constructions made of concrete, ferroconcrete, prestressed concrete, brickwork and virgin stone. Solid building is the most current building method in Austria as these constructions are extremely durable and individual wishes can be converted rather easily.

Our strength lies in planning and calculating appealing components as well as the elaboration of fairfaced concrete elements.

steel structure

Steel construction combines two main topics of building industry into one great advance: On one hand it can be calculated with comparatively short times for planning and building and on the other hand the high flexibility during the realisation of the bearing structure offers a wide creative scope.  Our main focus lies in creating appealing, functional and cost-efficient solutions and connections.

system building construction

Modern system building construction is convincing through its enormous cost-effectiveness, hence it is widely used in industrial constructions. However it has long extravagated these limits and now represents an integrative part in many major projects. As the decision about using system building construction is mainly a question of costs our focus.

timber construction

Wood as a building material is most fascinating. The ecological aspect alone justifies the increased use of wood in modern architecture. The advantages of this living material are simultaneously our greatest challenges. Our task therefore includes constructive wood protection which requires intelligent solutions so that the components are durable and able to fulfil their purpose long-term. Furthermore, we always strive to produce appealing, elegant detailed solutions which perfect the overall picture.

new materials

Modern architecture is not only characterised by innovative design, experimenting with new types of materials is just as current as it is necessary in order to keep up to date. This opens up new paths in architecture and involves a variety of static challenges which we gladly face with the most modern methods of calculation.