Inspections with drones

Inspections with drones

For years our visionary GM has been thinking about inspecting buildings with unmanned aerial vehicles. At first sight this sounds utopian, even a little crazy, but meanwhile the technology has advanced so far that this vision can be implemented.

What does an inspection with drones mean for our world?

Especially in the field of bridge inspections there are often unique challenges during in situ surveys for the engineers, e.g. with highly frequented, exposed, large or structurally complex constructions.

The use of drones holds many advantages for the engineer at work as well as the client, who can expect detailed and most of all cost-effective results.

For the near future, the inspection by hand won’t be obsolete though. The engineer’s brawn, experience and the input of all senses can’t be replaced by technology – but can now be reasonably expanded.

Therefore, we trust in modern technology as well as in our colleagues being free from giddiness and in their long-lasting expertise.