Housing estate „Jung und Alt“, Bludesch

Residental buildings

Building category

Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning

Performed services



January 2013

Processing time from

March 2014

Processing time until

DI Sascha Grujic

Project manager

VOGEWOSI, Dornbirn


10.766,00 m³

Building volume

3.077,00 m²

Gross floor area

Description of project

The Vorarlberg public utility housing enterprise has realised the housing estate „Alt und Jung - assisted living“ in Bludesch. The building consists of two apartment blocks with 23 flats and an underground car park with 24 parking spaces. We were assigned with the structural analysis of the project.

Description of tasks

  • Preliminary design and final calculation of all statically relevant concrete parts
  • Reinforcement plans, inspection of reinforcements

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