Busterminal Hallstatt


Building category


Construction method

Detail planning, Tender offer, Construction support

Performed services



February 2020

Processing time from

September 2020

Processing time until

DI Katharina Thomson

Project manager

DI Angela Gratzer

Substitute project manager

295.000,00 €

Project costs

Hallstatt PEB GmbH


Parking space

Type of road

10,00 m

Width of road

140,00 m

Length of road

Description of project

Due to the increasing number of tourists and the consequently higher volume of traffic in the centre of Hallstatt, it was decided to provide a slot-system for busses and therefore equip the busterminal Hallstatt (Kernmagazin-square) with a barrier system. This system enables the regulated/via time slots reduced entries and exits of tourist busses. Furthermore it was necessary to redesign/relocate the public transport bus stop so that an unobstruckted entry and exit of the public busses is possible. Also halt and parking in the short-term parking zone will only be allowed for neighbours and authorised people. The aim is to provide a smooth and secure traffic flow for busses on the limited space of the Kernmagazin-square.

Description of tasks

  • Detailed planning
    • Remodelling of the Kernmagazin-square with special attention on tractrix curves routes, barriers systems and space requirements
    • Surface overhaul in the pedestrian area
    • Profound refurbishment of the track upper structure
    • Relocation of the public transport bus stop and extension of the waiting-area
    • Delineation of the short-term parking zone from the busterminal
  • Creation of tender documents and plans
  • Construction support during the execution phase
    • Attendance at weekly on-site meetings
    • Taking notes at meetings
    • Support of the purchaser in respect of decision-making
    • Review of invoices after billing

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