S35 tunnel inspection Mixnitz 2018

Infrastructure, Tunnel

Building category


Construction method

Building inspection

Performed services



May 2018

Processing time from

September 2019

Processing time until

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer

Substitute project manager

DI Georg Wallner

Project team member

ASFINAG Service GmbH



Type of road

7,50 m

Width of road

679,00 m

Length of road

679,00 m

Length of tunnel


Road networks

Description of projectt

S35 Brucker dual carriageway

Tunnel Mixnitz (lane Graz)
Inspection of structures 2018 (main tunnel examination)

  • Tunnel Mixnitz
    • overall length 679 m
    • mining tunnel approx. 525 m
    • open construction north approx. 48 m
    • open construction south approx. 106 m
    • escape tunnel approx. 62 m
    • nooks
  • Portal construction north
  • Supervision sewer-TV-monitoring of drainage system
  • Special tests
    • extraction of drill element for analysis of chloride penetration depth resp. chloride content
    • examination of carbonation depth

Description of tasks

  • Hand-held testing of the above-mentioned tunnel construction
  • Analysis of crack spy and sewer-TV-monitoring records
  • Drafting of test reports according to RVS 13.03.31 (road tunnel) resp. 13.03.11 (open construction) with determination of damage classes
  • Incorporating the documentation into the 3-D tunnel scan of the road area provided by the customer
  • Elaboration of general and damage plans
  • Drafting of photographic documentation

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