RHV Hallstaettersee, modification sewerage treatment plant

Industrial- and commercial buildings, Underground- and hydraulic structures, Watercourse protection facilities

Building category

Earth- and soil engineering, Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework

Performed services



July 2021

Processing time from

December 2022

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer

Substitute project manager

Anja Dünser, Alexander Grujic

Project team member

9.600.000,00 €

Project costs

RHV Hallstättersee


4.335,00 m³

Building volume

845,00 m²

Gross floor area

3.579,00 m³


574,00 m²

Base area

4,50 m


Description of project

The Reinhalteverband Hallstaettersee realised the enlargement and modification of the sewerage treatment plant in the year 2022. Our office was entrusted with the structural planning of the refurbishment works as well as the verification statics for the digester tower.

At the sewerage treatment plant Hallstaettersee the new building of the cloudy water treatment/storehouse and rake building/grit chamber was executed. Conversion works took place at the sludge treatment building, rake building and at the pump station. A primary sedimentation basin was rebuilt into a triple-A-basin to raise capacities of the existing facilities.

Description of tasks

  • Preliminary design of all structural relevant components
  • Final design of supporting structure (incl. verifiable calculations)
  • Composition of formwork plans for the ferroconcrete structures
  • Composition of reinforcement plans for the ferroconcrete structures
  • Supervision of process planning for timber construction by the executing company
  • Reinforcement inspections of all necessary components

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