Primary school and kindergarten Brand

Business- and office buildings, Public buildings

Building category

Timber construction, Solid construction

Construction method

Planning of structural framework

Performed services



November 2013

Processing time from

April 2018

Processing time until

DI Sascha Grujic

Project manager

DI Georg Wallner

Substitute project manager

Alex Grujic

Project team member

3.600.000,00 €

Project costs

Gemeinde Brand


5.391,00 m³

Building volume

890,00 m²

Gross floor area

Description of project

Following the terrain, the primary school Brand is situated southward. The building comprises rooms for a children’s day-care centre, a kindergarten group and two classes of the primary school. The gym room is used by all parties and is integrated into the building with two floors. A shed has been positioned outside the building. The garden is connected to the building by an exit ramp.

The basement floor was built as a reinforced concrete structure. The aspect of sound insulation had to be taken into account while planning the cross-laminated-timber construction for the ground and first floor. Therefore double-walls were completed, the ceilings between the rooms were separated and special mounting brackets with sound insulation function were used between ceilings and walls. We had to turn our attention to the large burn area in the corridor due to the separately casted wooden walls. The shed, the exit ramp into the garden and the shading construction of the windows facing south are built as steel structures.

Description of tasks

  • Statically constructive development of filing-, tendering- and execution planning for the solid construction

  • Statically constructive development of filing-, tendering- and execution planning for the timber construction

  • Reinforcement plans of in-situ concrete components

  • Calculation and dimensioning of timber construction details for the factory planning in close collaboration with the carpenter

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