New building torrent barrier, bridges & reallocation L83 Rellsbach

Bridges, Protective structures, Underground- and hydraulic structures, Infrastructure

Building category

Earth- and soil engineering, Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework

Performed services



August 2018

Processing time from

December 2022

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Katharina Thomson

Substitute project manager

DI Angela Gratzer, DI Rudolf Pernkopf, Alexander Grujic

Project team member

Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung Gebietsbauleitung Bludenz


Integral bridges, untensioned

Type of bridge


Number of fields

16,95 m

Maximum span

30,50 m

Length of bride

353,00 m²

Expanse of bridge

State road

Type of road

10,50 m

Width of road

815,00 m

Length of road

57,80 m

Length of crown dam

14,80 m


Description of project

On behalf of the bureau of torrents and avalanche protection, section Bludenz, we made the detailed planning and the structure planning for the torrent barrier in the Rellsbach-river in Vandans (total area 560 m2).

With this project the re-allocation of the L83 from km 0.909,500 to km 1.411,900 eastbound, including the new building of the Rellsbach-bridge and the Auenlatschbach-bridge were planned in detail. Furthermore the junction of the affected side roads, especially the Innerbachstrasse and the Riederstrasse, had to be adapted to the new street course.

The planning included the implementation planning of the L83 as well as the structural design of the new bridges.

  • Auenlatschbach-bridge: span approx. 11.60 m, width aprrox. 10.10 m, inclination 40°
  • Rellsbach-bridge: span approx. 17.35 m width variable on average approx. 11.30 m, inclination 78°

Description of tasks - torrent barrier

  • Site inspection and in-situ survey
  • Structural planning and static calculations
  • Elaboration of detailed plans

Description of tasks in open field - road and bridges

  • Survey of existing grounds/site inspection
  • Detailed planning re-allocation of L83 km 0.909,500 bis km 1.411,900, which included:
    • 2 left turn-off lanes
    • Pedestrian crossings with crossing aid (centre island)
    • Planning of carriageway drainage
  • Detailed planning of junction Innerbach- and Riederstrasse, adjustment of crossroads at the start and end of the construction section, new access road for the bureau of torrent and avalanche protection
  • Creation of pavement design specification
  • Creation of traffic signs and road marking plans as well as the traffic sign register
  • Creation of pipework plans
  • Detailed planning
  • Creation of specifications for tenders (after finishing embankment, 2021)

Description of tasks - new building of bridges

  • Survey of existing grounds/site inspection
  • Digitisation of as-built plans into adequate CAD-plans
  • Structural analysis of the refurbishment concept and the semi-integral model
  • Structural design of the edge beam anchoring and proof of cantilever plates and bridge frames including requirements for the current restraint systems
  • Tender design
  • Creation of specification for tenders
  • Detailed planning
  • Monitoring

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