Cycle path Enns-valley, Styria, alternative Buchau

Bridges, Infrastructure

Building category

Solid construction, Miscellaneous

Construction method

Detail planning, Expertise

Performed services



September 2022

Processing time from

February 2023

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Katharina Thomson

Substitute project manager

DI Marina Häusle, Anja Müller

Project team member

Komobile Gmunden GmbH


Box girder bridges, Prestressed concrete bridge

Type of bridge


Number of fields

65,00 m

Maximum span

228,00 m

Length of bride

2.508,00 m²

Expanse of bridge


Type of road

11,30 m

Width of road

2.202,00 m

Length of road

Description of project

In 2022 the Provincial Government of Styria carried out an examination of possible improvements regarding the cycling infrastructure on the Enns-valley cycle path (R7). An alternative over the “Buchauer Sattel” should be elaborated for the section between Weng and Weissenbach. Our office worked out a feasibility study for this segment of the cycle path in collaboration with komobile GmbH. It was necessary to oversee the feasibility of several small bridges and passages regarding their structural calculations. The cycle path’s chokepoint turned out to be a 228 m long, prestressed bridge with spans of up to 65 m across the Enns. The bridge was structurally recalculated to find out if a widening is possible and to estimate the measures needed for such an enlargement.

Description of tasks

  • structurally sound inspection including structural analysis report and cost estimate for the widening of the Enns bridge
  • constructional development including structural analysis report and cost estimate of several smaller, newly planned bridges for the cycle path
  • road constructional outline planning for the cycle path including roadbed, definition of engineering structures and input for the technical report and cost estimate

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