Reconstruction on the S06, district Bruck an der Mur – bridges and roads

Bridges, Supporting structures, Infrastructure

Building category

Earth- and soil engineering, Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework, Tender offer

Performed services



July 2019

Processing time from

June 2020

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Substitute project manager

DI Katharina Thomson, Anna Montibeller

Project team member

ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH


T-beam bridges

Type of bridge


Number of fields

50,00 m

Maximum span

96,00 m

Length of bride

1.045,00 m²

Expanse of bridge

Description of project

Extensive maintenance works of the road surface and bridges took place on the S06 Semmering dual carriageway in the district of Oberaich – Niklasdorf, km 83.824 – km 88.770, both lanes. Our order comprised the following points:

  • Planning and structural processing of existing bridges:
    General refurbishment respectively semi-integralisation of 15 existing bridges

The bridges had a length between 5.90 m and 96.50 m and up to three fields with span widths between 5.60 m and 50 m. The overall area of the bridges was between 56.10 m2 and 1,045 m2. The bridges were built as loosely reinforced slabs, loosely reinforced or prestressed t-beams or as prestressed concrete box girders.

  • Planning open track and optimized design specification
    - S06 km 83,824-88,770, both lanes
    - Junction Bruck West, ramp B, C and D
    - Semi-junction Niklasdorf, ramp A and B

Description of task

The tasks included the planning of the call for bids/general design, developing of documents for call of bids as well as execution planning/detailed project.

Technical scope of work regarding bridges:

  • Renewal of road surface, bridge sealing and renewal of drainage system (sealing and surface drainage, collecting pipes)
  • Edge beam including road restraint system and fall protection, partially noise barrier
  • Renewal of expansion joints (resp. partially cleansing of expansion joints)
  • Reconstruction/corrosion protection of bearings
  • Concrete overhauling
  • Partially semi-integralisation of bridges

Technical scope regarding open track:

  • As-build surveying by ADP Rinner ZT GmbH
  • Profound reconstruction of superstructure on both lanes
  • Overhauling of ramps at the junctions
  • Asphalting of central reserve
  • Adjustment of road restraint system
  • Renewal of veterinary fence, renewal of signposting
  • Lettering on bottom

Technical scope of anchor wall Oberaich (sub planning GDP ZT GmbH):

  • Construction of ferroconcrete anchor beams
  • Replacement of existing anchorage by new strand anchors (permanent free spin anchor, 30 m – 35 m length)
  • Measures for water discharge


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