Structural inspection Pfänder-Tunnel, east tube

Infrastructure, Tunnel

Building category


Construction method


Performed services



May 2018

Processing time from

February 2019

Processing time until

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Project manager

DI Georg Wallner

Substitute project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer

Project team member

ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH



Type of road

7,50 m

Width of road

6.886,00 m

Length of road

6.718,00 m

Length of tunnel


Road networks

Description of project

Pfänder-Tunnel, east tube (lane direction Germany)
A14, Rheintal/Walgau motorway
Structural inspection 2018 (main tunnel inspection)

  • Pfänder-Tunnel, east tube
    • Total length 6718 m
    • Miners’ tunnel approx. 6663 m
    • Dig-and-cast construction method north approx. 55 m
    • Ventilation duct: air supply duct and exhaust duct (intermediate ceiling and divider wall incl. ascents)
    • Cavern north and south (fan positions)
    • Emergency exits and escape ways (15 cross cuts)
    • 7 vehicle turnouts (with electronically niches)
    • Niches (69 FLN, 31 NRN)
  • Ventilation shaft south and building for shaft heads
    height 235 m
  • Ventilation shaft north and building for shaft heads
    height 320 m
  • Entrance gateway gallery south
    length 72 m
  • Exit gateway gallery north
    length 97 m

Description of task

  • Hand close inspection of the above mentioned tunnel
  • Composition of inspection report according to RVS 13.03.31 (road tunnels) respectively 13.03.11 (galleries) with detection of damage classes
  • Completing documentation in the tubes’ 3D-tunnel-scan (provided by the purchaser)
  • Elaboration of layout plans and damage plans
  • Composition of photographical documentation

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