Bad Goisern, inspection Sophien bridge


Building category

Composite construction

Construction method

Building inspection , Planning of structural framework

Performed services



March 2023

Processing time from

June 2023

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer

Substitute project manager

DI Stefan Gschwendtner, Michael Huber

Project team member

Marktgemeinde Bad Goisern


T-beam bridges, steel composite

Type of bridge


Number of fields

16,30 m

Maximum span

64,60 m

Length of bride

413,00 m²

Expanse of bridge

Description of project

The Sophien-bridge is a 4-span steel-concrete-composite bridge. The support structure was built as a beam with internal hinges. Due to its bad state of preservation, we were commissioned by the municipality of Bad Goisern in the year 2023 to inspect the bridge and provide a recalculation for it. According to the results of the bridge inspection and the recalculation recommendations about further procedures were issued.

Description of tasks

  • Bridge inspection according to effective guidelines including on-site survey
  • Creation of bridge inspection plans, flaw plans and inspection report
  • Static and constructive recalculation

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