implementation planning parking space Reindlmuehl


Building category


Construction method

Detail planning

Performed services



February 2021

Processing time from

April 2021

Processing time until

DI Katharina Thomson

Project manager

DI Angela Gratzer

Substitute project manager

Marktgemeinde Altmünster


Parking space

Type of road

10,00 m

Width of road

60,00 m

Length of road

Description of project

While executing the project “Aurach 2018” for the torrents and avalanche protection office an adjoining car park in the district of Reindlmuehl was redesigned and paved. 10 car pitches were planned as a 45° angle parking and one as kerb-side parking space. Due to restricted visibility a one-way system was required for the parking. Henceforth the entrance was situated in the south, close to the refurbished bridge over the Aurach. By creating a filtration channel between the L1302 and the car park the effluents of the country road can be oozed away locally.

Description of tasks

  • Examination of tractory curve and variation study for possible parking layout
  • Planning of parking lots
  • Creation of technical report

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