ASFINAG, traffic control point Nüziders

Industrial- and commercial buildings, Infrastructure

Building category

Steel construction

Construction method


Performed services



August 2020

Processing time from

January 2021

Processing time until

Sascha Grujic

Project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer

Substitute project manager

Laetitia Elsener

Project team member

Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen- Finanzierungs-AG


176,00 m²

Gross floor area

Parking space

Type of road

7,50 m

Width of road

25,00 m

Length of road

Description of project

In the year 2020 we were commissioned by the ASFINAG to examine the structure work of the flying roof at the traffic control point in Nüziders. Particular attention had to be paid on the corroded steel profiles at the connection areas. Therefore, a special test was carried out to determine the wall thickness respectively the remaining wall thickness after consultation with the client.

Description of tasks

  • In situ examination of existing structure work
  • Issue of nonconformance report
  • Special tests – measuring of built-in steel profiles at the connection areas with ultrasonic device

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