ASFINAG, S06, construction inspection tunnel chain Semmering

Infrastructure, Tunnel

Building category

Solid construction

Construction method

Building inspection

Performed services



October 2020

Processing time from

August 2023

Processing time until

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Project manager

DI Georg Wallner

Substitute project manager

DI Angela Gratzer

Project team member

281.000,00 €

Project costs

ASFINAG - Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen Finanzierungs-AG



Type of road

9,20 m

Width of road

7.970,00 m

Length of road

7.970,00 m

Length of tunnel


Road networks

Description of project

We inspected the following structures for the ASFiNAG Bau Management GmbH, Vienna:

  • Tunnel Semmering
    o North tube approx. 3,423 m
    o South tube approx. 3,498 m
    o 7 cross-cuts

    • Tunnel Steinhaus
    o North tube approx. 1,874 m
    o South tube approx. 1,803 m
    o3 cross-cuts

    • Tunnel Spital
    o North tube approx. 2,607 m
    o South tube approx. 2,524 m
    o 5 cross-cuts

    • Tunnel Ganzstein
    o North tube approx. 2,135 m
    o South tube approx. 2,102 m
    o 5 cross-cuts, 1 emergency access

Description of tasks

  • Closely performed inspection of the above-mentioned tunnels
  • Issue of inspection reports according to current regulations (open building method and road tunnels) with determination of damage categories
  • Incorporation of documentation into the 3-D tunnel scan of the road area, provided by the customer
  • Issue of a risk matrix to evaluate the structural safety, serviceability and durableness in blocks
  • Supervision and evaluation of sewer-TV for drainage systems (sewer filming conducted by a subcontractor)
  • Elaboration of sampling and reconditioning concepts including measure catalogue and cost estimate
  • Issue of a fire-protecting valuation
  • Elaboration of as-built plans (site plan, plan of objects, normal cross section and longitudinal section)
  • Supervision and documentation of grouting tests in tunnels Semmering, Steinhaus and Spital

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