Structural analysis A14, junction Bludenz/Bürs (A)

Bridges, Supporting structures, Underground- and hydraulic structures, Infrastructure

Building category

Solid construction

Construction method

Expertise, Examination

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June 2017

Processing time from

January 2022

Processing time until

DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Sascha Grujic

Substitute project manager

25.000.000,00 €

Project costs

ASFINAG - Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen Finanzierungs AG


Integral bridges

Type of bridge


Number of fields

19,20 m

Maximum span

69,30 m

Length of bride

1.137,50 m²

Expanse of bridge


Type of road

871,21 m

6,00 m

Description of project

The complexity of entering and leaving traffic on the motorway junction Bludenz/Bürs on the A14 (km 58.6 – km 59.7) in combination with the channelisation of traffic flows on the adjoining road net let to an increasing number of accidents in this area. This interconnection limited the capacity of traffic extensively which made a decoupling of these traffic streams necessary. While rebuilding the junction the execution of construction works was required and they needed structural verification.


  • 2 bridges for the roundabout: width 10.70 m, length 37.20 m; 2 fields (18.05 m span); area 357.60 m2
  • Bridge “Almteilweg”: width 10.05 m, length 39.90 m; 2 fields (19.15 m span); area 397.20 m2
  • Bridge L82: width 10.05 m, length 69.30 m; 4 fields (18.40 m span); area 1,137.52 m2

Retaining walls

The retaining walls show many different geometries according to the architectural concept and are built as gravity dam, cantilever retaining walls and drilled pile walls. Partially they protect the pole of a high-voltage line.

10 retaining walls alongside the motorway resp. the ramps with a total length of approx. 860 m,
5 retaining walls for the back roads with an overall length of approx. 175 m

Watercourse protection facility

The watercourse protection facility consists of a filter basin with approx. 170 m3 retention volume, the sedimentation tank with approx. 201 m3 retention volume and a regulating plant (total length 51.00 m, width 6.70 m, depth 7.76 m). The structural system is a combination of a reinforced concrete tank (according to guidelines for waterproof concrete tanks) and a surrounding bored pile wall.

Reinforcement entrance of underground car park at the shopping centre

As one of the secondary roads partially leads over the ramp of the underground car park a reinforcement of the ceiling was necessary.

Description of tasks

  • Structural verification tender offer planning and implementation planning
  • Verification of structural engineering concerning construction works
  • Verification and additional examination of shoring
  • Supporting supervision regarding construction of truss

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