ASFINAG, A14, junction Feldkirch-Frastanz

Bridges, Infrastructure

Building category

Earth- and soil engineering, Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework

Performed services



November 2018

Processing time from

December 2021

Processing time until

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Project manager

DI Sascha Grujic

Substitute project manager

DI Walter Reisenauer, DI Katharina Thomson

Project team member

1.250.000,00 €

Project costs

ASFINAG - Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen Finanzierungs-AG


Box girder bridges, Prestressed concrete bridge

Type of bridge


Number of fields

50,00 m

Maximum span

555,00 m

Length of bride

6.321,00 m²

Expanse of bridge


Type of road

11,30 m

Width of road

2.202,00 m

Length of road

Description of project

We were assigned by the Asfinag (Austrian federal motorway financing plc) to plan the general refurbishment of the motorway junction Feldkirch-Frastanz, lanes 100, 200, 300, 400, bridges F1 and F3 as well as the wing walls/supporting walls at F5 and F6.

The following parts were executed:

  • General refurbishment of bridge F1, overall length of bridge approx. 291 m, width 11.3 m respectively about 22.4m, largest span length 50 m, prestressed concrete, overall area approx. 3,453 m2.
  • General refurbishment of bridge F3, overall length of bridge approx. 264 m, pivot length about 200 m respectively approx. 192 m, width about 9.3 m respectively 11.3 m, at most about 19.3 m, largest span length approx. 43.5 m, prestressed concrete, overall area approx. 2,868 m2
  • General refurbishment of retaining structure
    • F5, length 93.1 m, area approx. 688 m2
    • F6 part 1, length 114.2 m, area 1,034 m2
    • F6 part 2, length 162.2, area 1,661 m2
  • Superstructure refurbishment/road surfacing overhaul of junction
    • Ramp 1 = lane 100: 1,000 m
    • Ramp 2 = lane 200: 532 m
    • Ramp 3 = lane 300: 345 m
    • Ramp 4 = lane 400: 325 m

Executed Services:

  • Preliminary design and general draft
  • Planning for bid invitation
  • Execution planning
  • Detailed planning

Description of tasks

  • Planning general refurbishment of bridges
    • Renewal of bridge sealing
    • Renewal of expansion joints
    • Removal and new building of chamber walls
    • Refurbishment of bearings, renewal of two bearings
    • Drainage system, edge beams
    • Road restraint system
    • Safety barrier and splash guard
    • Renewal of road surface
    • Concrete restoration
  • Planning renovation of supporting walls
    • with a permanent anchored ferroconcrete facing shell
    • Road construction draft of the access roads/building road
    • Renewal of ramps
  • Pavement design specifications
    • Milling and renewal of bituminous base layers
  • Planning of traffic routeing including detours
  • New signposting/direction signs
  • Permission of water rights
    • Renewal of soil filter troughs
    • Retrofit and replacement of pipes
    • Building of two traffic area security shafts
  • Planning coordination according to laws

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