ASFINAG, A10 - Anchor wall Buchberg 2.3

Supporting structures, Infrastructure

Building category

Earth- and soil engineering, Solid construction

Construction method

Detail planning, Planning of structural framework, Tender offer

Performed services



October 2019

Processing time from

July 2022

Processing time until

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Project manager

DI Georg Wallner

Substitute project manager

DI Angela Gratzer, Andrea Sandholzer

Project team member

ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH



Type of road

575,00 m

14,81 m

Description of project

During the inspection of the support structure concerning the ASFINAG road network during 2016/2017 the bad condition of the anchorage at the anchor wall Buchberg 2.3 was detected. Therefore, redevelopment measures had to be initiated.

This primarily affected an anchored gravity dam with waling. A few segments were built as a cantilever retaining wall without jetty. The support structure has an overall length of approx. 550 m and is divided into 128 blocks according to the as-built plans. The height varies over the length; the maximum overall length is approx. 14.80 m.

Building measures, the construction tendering as well as the implementation project had to be based on the inherent retrofitting concept. During the process of planning a potential widening of the lane by overbuilding the cap stone on the retaining wall with a cantilever at a later date had to be considered.

The refurbishment of the wall was executed with vertical anchor pilaster strips over the block joints and facing shells, which stretch from one pilaster strip to the other.

The project was developed in cooperation with SKAVA consulting ZT-GmbH, which was in charge of the geotechnical calculations.

Description of task

  • In-situ survey and site inspection
  • Measurement of existing structural conditions by Linsinger ZT GmbH
  • Digitisation of existing plans
  • Traffic routing planning
  • Structural examination of renovation concept and potential widening of lanes
  • Structural analysis of anchor pilaster strips and facing shells
  • Planning of access road/accompanying path, downhill side
  • Creation of tender planning and tender documents
  • Evaluation of bids for construction tendering
  • Detailed planning of accompanying path, anchor pilaster strips and facing shells
  • Construction support/support of local building supervision
  • Geotechnical supervision by SKAVA consulting ZT-GmbH

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