Bridges over Aurach-River in Reindlmühl

Bridges, Infrastructure

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Solid construction

Construction method

Planning of structural framework

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December 2018

Processing time from

September 2019

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DI Georg Wallner

Project manager

DI Rudolf Pernkopf

Substitute project manager

Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung - Gebietsbauleitung OÖ West


Description of project

Three bridges had to be newly built in the course of flood prevention measures at the river Aurach in Rindlmühl (A). These bridges were erected as integral structures with open frames.

  • Bridge at hm 165.90 “Dambachbrücke”: We planned the extension of the existing bridge with a self-contained bridge over the retaining area. The span length amounts to 7.57m, the width of the truss is 6.53m.
  • Bridge at hm 171: The bridge as well as the shoring were statically calculated by us. We worked out the structural design of the shoring for a bridge 6.00 m broad and with a span length of 17.40 m.
  • Bridge at hm 179.5: We have calculated the bridge and the shoring. The structural design of the shoring factors in a span length of 12.90m and a width of 5.00m.

Description of tasks

  • Static sizing of the integral bridges
  • Design of execution plans
  • Design of reinforcement plans
  • Calculation of shoring
  • Shoring-plan with specification of upward deflection incorporated in the formwork

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