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tunnel interior

Welcome to amiko bau consult

2017, filter barrier Hallstätter Mühlbach

Welcome to amiko bau consult

2017, safety center Bad Goisern

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As we give our employees‘ health top priority some of our staff members are working in home office. Therefore, we may not be able to answer all telephone calls immediately.

You can still reach us at office@amiko.at and we will answer to your requests as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and keep well.

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planning of structural framework

The planning of a building involves a lot of different disciplines. Core of our tasks is the planning of structural framework, which ensures that each construction has the required load-bearing capacity and usability as well as to harmonize the principals of security, economy and aesthetics.

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bridge construction

We believe you can be destined for the passion of planning bridges and be a close part of their development. Bridges are not only constructions, but monuments for decades. We plan, calculate and project every bridge with highest diligence and real dedication, no matter if it is a bridge made of steel, reinforced concrete or wood.

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infrastructure planning

The two main topics of infrastructural planning, of which our consultants take care, are route planning and sanitary engineering. Our team tirelessly attends to challenges, which modern civilisation brings along, and is always able to find clever and innovative solutions to master the increasing amount of traffic as well as serve a smooth water supply and wastewater disposal.

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This constantly growing part of our work comprises the upkeeping of buildings and their renovation, the reconstruction of old and historical buildings as well as other structures. Preservation, sustainability and lengthening of time of use are a modest encountering to our fast moving times. Old buildings and domains have their own stories to tell and a character of their own, which needs to be carefully adapted to the conditions of our time on highest technical level.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

- Michael Jeffrey Jordan, US-american basketball player

project management

Especially with large-scale projects competent and responsible project management is of vital importance. Our team works with all its passion and knowledge on fulfilling our projects, never loses track of the big picture and takes care of all parties involved and their interests. This enables us to realize projects, of which all the participants can be proud of even long after completion.

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Due to our professional expertise, our interdisciplinary approach and the therewith connected right as consulting engineers we can neutrally examine and legally document all questions regarding arising problems, issues or cases of damage on building projects.

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tunnel construction

Tunnelling is an own discipline within the field of underground works. It is one of the most attractive and complex jobs of a civil engineer. For these challenging activities we have an expert among our amiko-team, who performs his tasks with ardour and great passion.

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